What Should I Eat?

What should I eat?

Nutrition Plans:

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These are some ways to do this, not the only way to do this. This has worked for many people and may work for you. Give it a fair shake and see how you do. Feel free to talk to the staff about it.

CrossFit in general has found The Zone to be very effective for both performance and body composition.  

The Zone was created by Dr. Barry Sears to promote wellness and longevity.  It’s based on ratios of macro-nutrients.

For a brief article about how to implement it including several meal plans, follow this link:  http://journal.crossfit.com/2004/05/zone-meal-plans-crossfit-journ.tpl

Another great meal solution is Paleo.  A great book is Practical PaleoClick here to check it out.

Click here for a paleo overview.

Implementation Strategies:

Don’t attempt to abruptly change your life all of a sudden in one fell swoop.  You may have better luck and more sustainable results if you not think of it as a diet, but ease into a different way of eating.  

You can either try easing in to your new meal plan, try a 30 day trial or throw caution to the wind and go all-in right off the bat.  You probably have an idea of which way you’ll have more success.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  The fresh and perishable foods are usually not in the center of the store.  Select the items that are the most nutrient rich per calorie.  Meat, veggies, nuts, some fruits, no sugar.  If it’s white and not cauliflower, don’t eat it.

Start out by adding one serving of leafy green vegetables per day with the goal of getting to one serving of leafy green vegetables per meal.  

Have a cheat meal, not a cheat day!  Many people blow their whole nutrition plan and stymie their progress by going nuts once a week gorging themselves on all the junk food they can get their hands on.  

If you’re gonna go out for beer and pizza this Friday night, no problem.   Stick to your meal plan all week, go throw down on beer and pizza like there’s no tomorrow then get back on your plan the next meal.  That way, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on life.

When dining with a group, try to order first.  If you order something delicious and healthy that’s on your meal plan first, odds are you’ll set the tone for the other people in your party; the opposite is also probably true.  If everybody orders before you, you’ll probably wuss out and order crap like everyone else.

Get an Instant Pot.  This is a great kitchen tool!  Click here to see one.  You can zip over to the grocery store, find what’s on sale then google recipes with that item and the words Paleo and Instant Pot.  Like this:  Google:  “pork tenderloin, paleo, instant pot”.  Click here to see.  Try to get the instant pot that also does sous vide — just another way of quick and easy cooking in the same appliance.