Try Us Out – Free!

Are you curious?  Are you wondering if CrossFit 901 is for you?

Why not try us out for free*?

You don’t have to ‘get in shape’ before you come in and try it, that’s what we’re here for.  Our certified CrossFit Trainers will make sure that the workouts are scaled to your current level of fitness.  It’ll be just right for you.

Try us for free to see what you’ll be signing up for, try before you buy!

If you have CrossFit experience (you can come in, look at the whiteboard and be able to do most any workout that’s listed, including the Olympic Lifts) and would like to try us out for free, just follow this link and “buy” a free, two week membership.  All you have to do is click on the class you wish to try (any CrossFit 101, CrossFit Level 1, Heavy Bag KickBox or entry level Krav Maga Class), sign up and come on in!  Please make sure that you’re able to look at the whiteboard and do most workouts before choosing this option.  If you aren’t familiar with doing the CrossFit workouts & Olympic Lifts, listed on the board, please give our ‘CrossFit 101’ or  ‘On Ramp’ class a try (listed below).

Not sure about being ‘ready’ because you don’t have CrossFit experience?  No problem!  You’ll need our “CrossFit 101” class for people that are new to CrossFit.  You can attend you CrossFit 101 for free.  It’s offered every Saturday.  Check it out here.

For all of our classes & workshops, wear comfortable workout clothes (in cold weather wear layers that may be shed and replaced as you warm up and cool down), bring a big water bottle and maybe a little towel and be ready to have fun!

Most of your questions will be answered during your free trial, but feel free to contact us as indicated below.

If you have questions or need a little more help, just email GettingStarted[AT]fit901[DOT]com. Or click here to have us contact you back.

*  Free trial is available to Memphis area residents only.  Visiting CrossFitters are free to come workout with us for the ‘drop in rate’ listed here.