Do The Open @ CrossFit 901!

Hey Guys!

As an Official CrossFit Affiliate, just like we’ve always done, we’re going to host The CrossFit Open at our gym again this year! We’ve hosted and judged The CrossFit Open every year since we opened in 2009.

Our judges successfully take and pass the CrossFit Judges Course every year in order to be able to officially judge competitors.

If you miss The Open this year, plan on coming back next year to cheer & compete with us. After the competition each week, we usually hang out and visit, so plan on joining us for that too.

You don’t have to be a hard core CrossFitter to compete in The Open! We have all levels of athletes participating in these workouts every year; from beginner to super star, everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. It’s a lot of fun!

All participants, athletes and judges must read, understand & abide by all rules of the competition as posted at to participate at our affiliate.

If you’d like to participate at our facility for The Open, please fill our our registrBADLINK

ation form so we can know who is planning on coming. Please come in early to fill out a waiver and any paperwork we need filled out.

If you are a competitor who expects to do well enough to possibly qualify for regionals, YOU are responsible for making your own video that meets all of the standards set up by CrossFit HQ of your performance. We take no responsibility for your video, its production or its publication. You must bring your own video equipment, your own items required to verify such a video and anything you may need (tripod, measuring tape, masking tape, friend to stand in frame, visible timepiece, etc.) to do what needs to be done to meet HQs standard.  As the requirements change yearly, we highly recommend you read the guidelines every year at

We will do what we can to help you (like give you a boost while you’re measuring the wall ball target), but there may be too many people for us to do too much, so please bring your camera crew, roadies and whatever else you may need.

We will do our best to give everyone reasonable time to introduce themselves and verify weights & measures for their videos, but the show must go on. So after that time is up, we’re starting the WOD with or without you.

If you are a competitor who expects to make it to regionals, please let us know so we can have a CrossFit Official Judge judge your WOD as you video tape it.

NOTE: You do not have to be registered for the open at in order to come do The Open WODs with us here at The Box. You have to register with CrossFit HQ only if you want to officially compete and appear on the international leader board. If you are not a member of CrossFit 901, you’ll need to pay a $20 drop in fee just like any other time one drops in. Come on in and do the CrossFit Open with us for just 10 bucks! You can come, watch and cheer for free.

We will be doing this every Friday night during The Open from 430 to about 630pm. Heats will begin about every 30 minutes. Warm ups can begin around 4.

Plan on hanging out after you work out to cheer on those still going and celebrate with a BYOB & BYO snacks type shin dig!

We’ve always had a great time each week, every year! Don’t miss out. Bring your friends, family and other competitors!

Click here to register to do The CrossFit Open with us at CrossFit 901 before checking out our FB event page listed below!

Check out our FaceBook Event page:

Below is a fun little video of the CrossFit Open 16.2 at CrossFit 901! Don’t miss out!

Remember, everyone is invited and all who wish to are encouraged to participate and or compete, no matter your current fitness level.

Come on in and have some fun with us, you are invited!

16.2 from tanner on Vimeo.