CrossFit 101 | On Ramp

You must attend CrossFit 101 before you can begin any CrossFit program.  You just sign up for it here.  We schedule it by appointment every Saturday from 11am to 12:30pm.  Once you have one of those under your belt, you’re ready to schedule your On Ramp course, and we’ll take care of that for ya!

We have scheduled On Ramp classes that we hope you can attend.  If there’s not a course that you can attend, email OnRamp AT Fit901 DOT com and we’ll schedule it on your time at a very reasonable price.  Visit this page to see the current schedule.

These classes are the perfect way for you to learn all about CrossFit and get started, we even cover nutrition.  We will cover many of the exercises used in our CrossFit classes and get you up to speed to join the regular classes.  You need to attend all 6 sessions in sequence.  If you miss, don’t worry, we can help you catch up.

You need to reserve a place in advance.  Please make sure that you attend all prescribed sessions before attending any other CrossFit classes.   If you miss a particular session, you’ll need to schedule a make up session with the instructor.  You must have all of the required sessions under your belt before attending our regular CrossFit classes.

Oh yeah, for these classes, you’ll want to wear comfortable workout clothes & shoes that are good for all types of exercise, running, jumping, weightlifting, etc.  In cold weather, wear layers that you can shed as you warm up and replace as you cool down.  Just bring a big bottle of water and maybe a towel and be ready to have some fun!

You may attend your CrossFit 101 Session for free and we’ll match any local CrossFit Affiliate’s prices and terms!

If you have general or scheduling questions about the On Ramp program or for getting started, email: OnRamp[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.

If you have payment questions about the On Ramp program, email: GettingStarted[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.

Hope to see ya soon!